About me

About me

Always ready to pick up the tools and produce!

A very enthusiastic professional in the information technology field with an interest in product management

In the space of 9 years I have achieved an associates degree in Information Technology, another associates degree in computer science and a bachelors’ degree in computer science and half of this while working full time. 

In 2015 I graduated with an associates degree in information technology and since then I’ve spent most of my time working and studying more to get more knowledge both practical and theoretical. I loved doing product management and yearn for more. I learnt a on coordinating the development and management of a product with its partners, developers and users and other stakeholders.  I also engaged in technical support where I gained more skills in troubleshooting problems with computers, printers and mobile phones. I have also enjoyed website design and development with three live websites to show including this one. I have also picked up a hobby in video editing in which I have recorded an produced three music videos where my skills have improving exponentially.

My Skills

I believe in the fact that learning never stops and I am interested in learning new technologies and skills that will help me design and develop a better products in less time.

Product Management
Web Design
Technical Support
Graphic Design
Video Editing

My Experience

2018-To date

Join Angola

Web master

While working for join Angola I have designed, developed and managed their website since the organization was founded in 2018. I redesigned the website once in 2020. I have gained a lot of skills in graphic designs as I produced the material for the website, social media, apparel and fliers/pamphlets for the organization's events. I enjoyed producing music videos and videos of dance classes whereby my video editing skills improved a whole lot.



project assistant

I had fun responsibilities that included Software planing, analyzing and designing for the developers to work on. I would then test and give feedback while also managing workflows for programmers All this task summed up to product quality assurance and so it it included communication management between the company and all stakeholders involved. I managed the technical support provision for developers to get problems they can understand which involved communications with the end user to under the requirements and convert them into something the developers can work with.

2016 Feb - 2016 Oct



I organized and implemented two full day trainings for Eswatini multemedia network’s members on how to maintain and update their website and their social media chanels Provided technical support in the website and social medeia mantainance

2016 - 2018

Arit+ Consultancies


I was responsible for making decisions that will result in the company achieving its defined mission. I also was also marketing serves the company to its potential clients . I Managed company finances and paid expenses incurred in day to day running of the company.



Proficient/Fluent (C2)




Upper-intermediate (B2)




Upper-intermediate (B2)


Begginer A1


I like working from home but my cats take over my computer a lot of times.
I also enjoy travelling to work a lot!