What I do

Product management

Product management is a skill I have mastered and have grown to love it. Coordinating with partners, developers and product end users is one of the best experiences which I am looking forward to doing more of!

Website Design

I have experience in website design, development and management. The technologies I have used include HTML/CSS, Javascript, WordPress and Joomla.

Technical support

I have also learnt a lot in practice through experience in troubleshooting and fixing problems with a wide range of devices from printer to desktop computers, laptops and mobile phones

Graphic Design

Adobe Photoshop has been very fascinating to learn! I have designed amazing fliers for events, graphic content for social media and websites and beautiful apparel.

Video production

Adobe Premier is another tool I have used a lot while at Join Angola. I have recorded and edited three music videos and numerous dance classes that needed subtitles.

My Latest Work