Video production with Join Angola

With join Angola I have gained a lot of skills in video production as I have produced two music videos and a lot of dance classes uploaded on the organisation’s youtube channel.

My responsibilities in this positions are as follows:

  • Design, develop and maintain a WordPress website.
  • Update the website with new content every month.
  • Create graphic material for the website, social media, apparel, pamphlets and fliers for events organised by the organised.
  • Record and edit video tutorials of dances from Angola (semba, kizomba and kuduro) taught by Angolans.
  • Record and produce music videos from artists of the organisation.
  • Assist in organising events
  • Assist in social media management by recording live events on the organisations social media pages (facebook and instagram).
  • Manage information technology of the organisations office and provide technical support.
Preparing to go live on FaceBook and Instagram of JoinAngola

The website I have developed and am managing for this organisation can be viewed on this link.

Contact details of this employer available at request

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